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Gem Lou

Model Communication Coach

English Communication Coach Gem

Your learnings with me

industry specific vocabulary

develop communication skills for situations such as castings, networking , interviews, events and promotion

advance your confidence during your travels


master written communication

So you’re ready to take your modelling career international but worry your English communication skills are holding you back?

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you!

I am the Model Communication Coach and I have developed a signature 12-Week Model Communication Program to fast-track your English communication skills to prepare you for model situations that you will need to communicate in English whilst working and travelling as a professional, international model.

Model Communication Program

(Divided into 4 modules)

Build a solid foundation of industry-specific vocabulary, relevant phrases & idioms to clearly understand and converse with coworkers & clients.

Develop in person and virtual spoken communication for model situations, including castings & interviews, small talk & networking events & self/client promotion.

Advance confidence through essential English for travel scenarios to navigate with ease and cease every opportunity whilst venturing abroad.

Master written communication with professional correspondence for email & online applications as well as concise captioning & commenting for social media.

I offer tailor-made coaching, to suit your individual needs and current ability, so don’t hesitate to reach out to find out how I can help you.

I offer live individual and group coaching sessions as well as in-app challenges, regular live workshops and pre-recorded programs with support and community channels in my Model Communication Coach app available to download from the Google Play and App Store.



I have been helping non-native English speakers enhance their lives and careers through advanced English Communication coaching since 2015.

Drawn from my experience of teaching English both abroad and online, working with models as a photographer and as a young female solo traveller, I experienced first-hand the excitement and vulnerability of working and travelling in foreign-speaking countries.

After watching a documentary about young models being taken advantage of in unfamiliar places, with a language barrier, I wanted to help in the only way I knew how.

I now work with professional and aspiring models to help them develop the communication skills they need to confidently work and travel internationally.

Verbessere dein Englisch und trete selbstbewusst vor internationale Kunden!

Wähle das passende Paket für dich aus

  • Communicate 1 Module

    1 module/3 weeks: choose Build/ Develop/ Advance or Master
    Gültig für 3 Wochen
  • Communicate TopLevel

    4 modules/12 weeks: get all:Build, Develop, Advance & Master
    Gültig für 3 Monate
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